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16 May 2011 @ 06:10 pm
Hi guys,

Welcome to Daily Media Downloads 24/7. To keep everything here nice, we have some rules:


- All posts and comments must be written in English. This is so it is easier for the mods to moderate.
- Keep in mind there are people from all ages. Don't post porn/erotic content or cursing. If we see you do any of those things, we will ban you permanently.
- You can discuss with other members, but keep it friendly.
- If you post something from this forum somewhere else, credit with username and a link to DMD247. If we catch you taking our links and posting elsewhere without links, you will get banned.
- Do not ask when "x" will be uploaded. Our encoders have a life outside of encoding, so please be patient.
- All posts will be open for approximately two days. After that you will have to join to view.
- If you take something, please comment. It takes almost two hours to upload something and not even a minute to comment.
- When you share a link on LJ from this community, please, if you can, link back to this community.


- This is a monitored community, mainly for the purpose of keeping trolls away.
- If you apply for membership and you are active on LJ, you should easily be approved. If you get rejected and you believe that it is a mistake, please message one of the mods and we will get this settled.
- If you are not active on LJ, and would still like to join, send me a PM, and I will discuss it with you.

The Forum

- This is the official live journal of dmd247.com. To join the forum you need an invite code, and I will be giving those out occasionally.
- All the media that is posted on the forum will be posted here- either by me or one of the mods.

If there are any other questions that you might have, ask in this post and I will respond asap.
kopibirong on September 1st, 2011 02:59 am (UTC)
Need Invited Key....
Hi Adison.........
Please give invited key to join DMD247 forum.....
so please send to my email: kopibirong@gmail.com
Thanks before...........